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Demo: November 26, 2004

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Kevin Bowman — Martin Backpacker.
Ray Naegle — Kramer Baretta 5-string Bass.

A little while before coming home for Thanksgiving break in November 2004, I had a little chord progression I was working on. When Ray and Kevin Scanlan (who gives some commentary at the end) came to visit I played it out a little with Ray and he came up with the bass melody to go along with it. We recorded this track so we would remember how to play it for later. It has a much different sound from anything else I (we) have recorded before, with a good deal of ambience and tension between the chords and the bass melody.

And yes, at the end, Ray is trying to play the bass riff from the verses in Red Hot Chili Peppers' song "Aeroplane". Trying.