I have gained another slave in the regional championship.
October 13, 2011

Here's all the cool places you can get to by leaving this page:

Feel O'Clock: My music blog.

Morning Strikes Now!: My dream blog.

Omakase: A site I designed to play totally random music from SoundCloud.

Krimble on SoundCloud.

My old music site, which doesn't get updated much anymore.

- Kevin     

Hey, look... guitar tabs.

Alright... I made some tabs... Five of them now. I would call them pretty accurate, especially since I made them (not that I'm biased or anything). There's also one song that I wrote now. Here, I even have links to them! Check them out:

George Harrison - Let It Down (Acoustic)
George Harrison - Everybody Nobody
The Beatles - Here, There And Everywhere
The Beatles - Lovely Rita
Kevin T. Bowman - Everytime

That's all for now.
New Age name generator!

Here's a new little toy for you, by yours truly:

Krimble Records
To be fair, Krimble Records is currently a one-man operation; nonetheless, allow Us proudly to introduce:

Kevin T. Bowman
Continue to Kevin's Music Site for lyrics and in-depth song information.